About Us


Founded in 2018, Dimba has turned their dream of becoming a multifaceted brand factory into a reality. With a small team of technical specialists and creatives from our sister company, Detroit Digital, we took our knowledge of brand development and marketing and merged with new partnership in the manufacturing industry. In two short years, were able to fuse our ideals into a concrete and sustainable operation with promise of exponential growth. Dimba currently has two brands, an e-commerce software system, and four applications that were designed specifically in response to COVID-19. While the coronavirus hit most industries harshly, we were able to pick up momentum by tuning in to market shifts and creating products for this unique pandemic circumstance and beyond.


An e-commerce platform coded by our in-house technical team. This interface is designed specifically to connect our products and services to customers. We currently use Dimbasoft for the online sales for our brands Eldori and Macchinga.


Minimalist jewelry made with everlasting metals. In response to the current trends in fashion, we now design three lines: women’s, men’s, and unisex jewelry designs. We believe that jewelry should both align with and transcend fashion, so that customers can curate a lifetime’s worth of unique pieces. All design, production, advertising, and sales are done in-house. We use our design team to draw, a 3D printer to create prints and models, and our jewelry designer to handcraft each piece. Eldori uses Dimbasoft for online sales, our digital team manages social media presence and sales, and our creative team hosts in-house photoshoots and advertising campaigns. All content is accessible in both Turkish and English.


Men’s and Woman’s denim fashion line. Our focus with Macchinga is to deliver quality denim designs with a fair profit margin. We utilize our design team for concept creation and manufacture the products. Macchinga also utilizes Dimbasoft for online sales, and our digital team curates a social media presence. We have an in-house studio for photoshoots for any advertising and campaigning needs. All content is accessible in both Turkish and English.


An application that generates recipes based on whatever ingredients that you have at home. This app was designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As stay-home mandates became global, we realized that many people found themselves in their kitchens more than ever before. Without the ability to comfortably go to the market for a particular ingredient, we wanted to create a solution for both the novice and experienced cook. Based on user data and feedback, we have made updates to the app such as differing cuisines, food preferences, and specific recipe searches. This application is fully coded for both Turkish and English speaking audiences and available on Apple and Android app stores.


An online shopping mall and price-tracking application. This app was also designed in response to COVID-19 stay home mandates, as shopping trends shifted to almost exclusively online. We recognized that while many major brands have e-commerce websites and applications, it is not ideal for a customer that wants to browse around. As most online shopping is done on smartphones, we wanted to create a place where customers could have the “window shopping” experience of walking through a mall right at their fingertips. With over 1,000 brands and companies worldwide already linked in the app, users that find products of interest can save them to receive notifications about availability and price changes. This application contributes profoundly to our ecosystem model as we receive a high volume of user trends and data while also exposing them to our own brands. Language options are currently in Turkish and English, with availability for both Apple and Android devices.


A puzzle application created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As external entertainment became minimized, we saw many people turning to their smartphones even more to pass the time. This app combines finger speed and quick thinking in an addicting game. In conjunction with our ecosystem, all advertising within the application is for our own brands. Language options are currently in Turkish and English, with availability for both Apple and Android devices.


Yet another puzzle application created in response to COVID-19. This game uses logic and reasoning, which should encourage users to be on the application for longer stretches of time. In-app advertising is for Dimba brands and services. Language options are currently in Turkish and English, with availability for both Apple and Android devices.